Hardus van Deventer


Coming at you in a brand-new reality TV show – Jack Parow, on a Harley Davidson, with his best bra, showcasing the splendors of South Africa on a road trip unlike any other. From the sleepy villages and intimate shows to the big city lights and massive festivals, see South Africa through the lens of a homegrown rap legend. “I have always wanted to make a travel programme,” says Jack’s best bra, the producer and fellow presenter, Hardus van Deventer. “I think that is the main reason why I started working in television.” The dream became a reality when Hardus went for a beer with his old friend Zander Tyler, also known as the rapper Jack Parow. “Hardus and I went for a beer in Claremont and started talking about putting a show together,” says Zander. “After throwing around a couple of ideas and a beer or two later, we decided to throw all the ideas into one show – travel, reality TV, interviews, food, bars, bikes and everything in between.” It’s a lot more than just a travel show. Live performances are a big part of it, and Jack’s management team said he can only do the series on one condition: He must hold a concert in each of the provinces they visit. Thirty days, nine provinces, nine concerts. Why not? Fans of Jack Parow and even those who don’t know his music will, without a doubt, enjoy the programme. Some of the concerts on Dis Hoe Ons Rol happen at South Africa’s biggest festivals, while others are in small dorpies and are far more intimate. “People are also going the get to know Zander Tyler, the man behind Jack Parow. What he likes, what he is scared of, what makes him happy …” says Van Deventer.