Small Actions


Porteus Xandau


Small Actions is a novella short film that pays tribute to the history, heritage and origins of the iconic 1970s BMW E12. An ode to the ethos of true craftsmanship that is still prevalent in every contemporary BMW 5 series, even 40 years later after the first model was launched.


CREDITS Lead female: Loulou Taylor Lead male: Milton Schorr Director: Porteus Xandau DP: Julian Robinet 2nd DP: Gareth Place 1.AC: Robin Taylor Photographer: Manuel Nagel Camera Tracking + Drone lighting company: Big Bird Cinematography H&M: Tasneem Fredericks Wardrobe: Beany Shand Art Department: Clair Gritten Prop Master: Mike Carelse Production Assistant: Battini Stuurman Editor: Jaco Läubscher - Stitch Post Colorist: Harvest digital agriculture Sounddesigner: Tim - ORIGIN AUDIO